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The Accent Difference

Accent Aesthetics interior picture

Accent Aesthetics Medical & Laser Day Spa

Walk into a doctor’s office and even the most patient-friendly ones fail to eliminate the stigma that screams ‘doctor.’ The walls may be loaded with HD plasma televisions and a tank full of clown fish, but they can’t erase the sterility of the environment.

But at Accent Aesthetics, owned by board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Nicola DeLorio, the patient enters an immediate comfort zone, more akin to a day at a deluxe spa than a visit to the doctor. Designed to be calm and relaxing, the interior reflects a beach theme, but more abstract than actual. Instead of seashells and lighthouses, the 3,900-square-foot office relies on cool hues of ocean, sea grass and sea glass contrasted with the warm colors of the sun and the sand. Lighting and light fixtures are both water-like and shell-like in movement and form. Located in the Tilton Fitness Building in Galloway, it is a true center for health and wellness.

In this setting, patients receive state-of-the-art anti-aging skin care treatments, prescribed and performed by Dr. DeLorio. The training and expertise of Dr. DeLorio is evident in the quality and variety of cosmetic procedures that she offers. These procedures address wrinkles, photo aging and skin discoloration caused by sun exposure and aging. Accent Aesthetics only offers proven treatments that provide results and value, not the newest gimmicks that waste money with little to no results.

Whether a client requires one session or six, Dr. DeLorio customizes skin care treatment for each patient and prescribes post treatment regimens. Accent Aesthetics also offers the opportunity to be pampered with medical grade skin care products, a vast improvement over department store cosmetics. Accent Aesthetics trained and licensed professionals provide the highest level of all aesthetic and massage therapies. Accent Aesthetics also features a retail boutique where sophisticated, physician-approved and clinically researched skin care products and accessories can be purchased as well as spa splurges such as lotions, candles and soaps.